I had thought this Apple/Microsoft warmongering was largely past. I had thought that the two just looked at each other these days like former lovers who had, as they say, moved on.

And yet here is footage from the site of the new Apple store in Hamburg. Hamburg is one of the world's more civilized cities, one that has turned into an art form the idea of being not very German.

So perhaps this is merely an act of Banskyesque social comment.

The two gentlemen who pose as construction workers seem a trifle young to be trusted with any work involving a ladder. They seem barely out of high school.

And yet they set themselves up, their construction worker bibs hiding their true nature, and begin to place a very definitive mark on the site of Apple's latest chapel: a large, colorful Windows logo.

Edible Apple managed to secure a shot of their handiwork being cleaned up on Friday by what seem like real, mature--but bibless--construction types.

However, the vast and contentious question remains: were these just two PC enthusiasts (or even artists) who were trying to have some amusement and hopefully become famous for a day

Or was the dark and masculine hand of Redmond behind this guerrilla activity

My guess is the latter. Just because that would be far more fun. But, wait a minute. Didn't the boys get the colors all wrong Aren't the green and blue in the wrong place Oh, let's hope it wasn't Microsoft behind this. They might just get cross.

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