The Honda Fit EV was one of several electric vehicles shown on day one at the LA Auto Show yesterday.

(Credit: Daniel Terdiman/CNET)

LOS ANGELES--For anyone who worries that the auto industry isn't putting its energy behind electric vehicles, it may be time to relax.

If one thing was clear after the first day of the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show yesterday, it was that EVs and other green vehicles may finally be ready for prime time. With Chevrolet's Volt winning Green Car of the Year this morning, and Honda and Toyota both showing off big EV plays yesterday, it's clear that the industry is no longer afraid of green vehicles.

To be sure, most of the EVs on display here are a year or more away from being in consumers' clutches, but with models being shown from companies like Mitsubishi, Saab, Volvo, as well as Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Nissan, and others, there finally seems like a bright future for the cars.

Of course, although there were plenty of EVs on hand here, there were many more vehicles with internal combustion engines on display. And the crowds were equally hungry for news from Porsche, Chevrolet (its new Camaro convertible was a big hit), Ford (with a slew of Focus variations), and others.

Stay tuned for full coverage of day two of the show.

The latest and greatest at the LA Auto Show (photos)

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