LAS VEGAS--Idapt's new i1 Eco universal charger can juice up a range of devices and in a way that's friendly to the environment.

The i1 Eco

(Credit: Idapt)

Announced today at the Consumer Electronics Show, the i1 Eco includes both a USB port and a tip port with interchangeable tips. That helps the charger handle more than 4,000 devices, according to Idapt, including the iPhone and iPad, BlackBerry, Xbox controllers, Sony's PSP game console, and various GPS and Bluetooth gadgets.

But it's the i1 Eco's greener features that Idapt is touting.

The company says that the charger is made of recycled materials and is Energy Star compliant. Specifically, the i1 Eco tries to conserve power by automatically shutting itself off when not being used. It can recharge devices at home through a wall outlet or on the road via a car adapter. The product can also be recycled since no chemical paint is used to make it.

The i1 Eco will be available for consumers this coming spring. No word yet on pricing.

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