What can one say about Charlie Sheen that hasn't been said already By Charlie Sheen.

It seems that there is still more. For Sheen himself today, perhaps not content with having the "Today Show," ABC, Howard Stern, and countless other radio shows as outlets, joined Twitter.

Yes, Twitter.com/CharlieSheen contains the verified words of one man who some accuse of being two and a half.

It seemed as if the star of a show currently suspended by CBS and Warner Bros. because of his somewhat eccentric behavior was first going to gauge just how popular he was. So you will be turned into a pillar of Hercules when I tell you that he amassed more than 50,000 followers without bothering to even tweet.

That's what happens when you have, as Sheen confessed to the "Today Show," tiger blood and Adonis DNA.

(Credit: Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

When he finally decided to tweet his way into history, Sheen made sure it would be memorable: "Winning..! Choose your Vice... winning chooseyourvice http://twitpic.com/455ly9."

You will assuredly want to know what was contained in the twitpic. Well, it was a picture of Sheen and one of his two live-in goddesses. I'm not sure if it was the blonde or the blonde. Anyway, he looked happy with her, as she held her Naked juice and he held his chocolate milk.

Once he got into the tweeting swing, Sheen showed confidence. His next tweet was: "Just got invited to do the Nancy Grace show... I'd rather go on a long road trip with Chuck Lorre in a '75 Pacer....

Such forthright and wise tweeting has already earned Sheen more than 500,000 followers.

You can understand why. Who could not be moved by his Twitter tagline: "Born Small... Now Huge... Winning... Bring it..!" Isn't that how we'd all like to be

You might also be wondering whom Sheen is following. Well, there are, at the time of writing, 12 apostles. Among them are Alyssa Milano, Piers Morgan, and Howard Stern. More importantly, he is also following Nick Swisher of the Yankees and the great, impossible- to-mimic San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson.

Wilson was recently in LA to advise Sheen on the potential production of "Major League 3."

The original "Major League," in which Sheen starred, was one of the 20 greatest movies ever made. One can only hope, therefore, that Sheen will develop into one of the 20 greatest twitterers on the planet. The signs are good. The self-described "rock star from Mars" clearly has his own style, vernacular, and purpose.

Soon, one hopes, he will be offering his unique perspective on the issues of the day. Like the Charlie Sheen crisis, for example.

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