No end in sight to the śrandom acts of kindnessť trend, which has now apparently struck Spanish clothing brand Desigual. Rather than trying to inspire kindness through cards, umbrellas or t-shirts, however, Desigual has launched an effort to reward its fans for being kind to bloggers online.

Desigual fans interested in participating begin by signing up with its śHappy Huntersť site and indicating which item from the Desigual line they''d like to be rewarded with. They then wait for Desigual to alert them to a particular blog post to target with their cheerful comments ” those selected are not Desigual''s own blogs, but rather its favourites from across the web. Once that happens, Happy Hunter members post their positive comments on the blog in question, and the first 100 to get a reply from the blogger win the clothing item they picked. All Happy Hunter members also get a discount of 20 percent on

With free love for fans and bloggers alike ” not to mention a heaping helping of good karma coming back to Desigual itself ” the Happy Hunter initiative just may achieve for the brand what no traditional ad ever could. Time to usher in a kinder, gentler era for your generous brand...

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Spotted by: Leticia P©rez Prieto

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