How should you punish a cyberbully

Are there guidelines to follow Are there gradations of discipline that, say, 13-year-olds should fear

I ask because of the story of Justine Willliams. Williams, an eighth-grader from North Andover, Mass., survived cancer when she was 10. She survived, but she lost a leg.

A couple of months ago, according to CBS Boston, for reasons she couldn't understand, Willliams began receiving texts that threatened, among other things, that her house would be bombed and her animals would be killed. Threats of rape also reportedly featured in some of the texts.

After an investigation, a 13-year-old girl reportedly confessed to sending more than 90 nasty texts. That girl was Williams' best friend at school.

She reportedly used to talk to Williams via Skype, looking to see Williams' reaction as she received the texts, and she tried to mask her phone number by using a Web site to send the texts.

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