Are you an app developer with a creation that&'s ready for the klieg lights VentureBeat has partnered with Intel to provide a new showcase for your mobile app: VentureBeat&'s Mobile App Spotlight.

Why did we create this program Fundamentally, we want to help connect our readers with the latest innovations in the mobile and app worlds, and boost the efforts of entrepreneurs and inventors who are coming up with great new ideas. There&'s been an explosion of creativity in mobile apps in the past few years &8212' but that very fecundity has posed new challenges to developers.

Here&'s how it works: If you have a new app, submit it for consideration to the Mobile App Spotlight. VentureBeat&'s editors will pick three apps to profile over the coming months, and they&'ll be highlighted on VentureBeat&'s homepage. (Note: To qualify as new &8212' at least to our audience &8212' the app must not have previously been written about in VentureBeat. If this program isn&'t a fit, you can still keep us in the loop with your news &8212' we&'re glad to hear from you.) Apps written for any major smartphone platform are welcome.

Why did we team up with Intel to create this program At VentureBeat, we&'ve long tracked innovation in the mobile industry, before there was an App Store, iPads, or Android tablets. When we noticed that coaxing users to download an app was a growing challenge, we started covering app discovery and created the DiscoveryBeat series of events to discuss the technical and marketing challenges and the business opportunities in getting your hot app noticed. And Intel, our sponsor for the Spotlight, is increasingly interested in helping mobile-app developers solve the challenge of discovery, too.

There are all kinds of tips and tricks that help you get your app out there. But one thing we consistently heard from developers is that it sure doesn&'t hurt to get recognition from a publication like VentureBeat to get influential users&' attention. Flattery aside, we get the message!

And we hope you do, too: Submit your app today!

The Intel AppUp Developer Program is sponsoring VentureBeat&'s Mobile App Spotlight. However, VentureBeat&'s editorial staff selects apps for the program according to its customary editorial standards, without input from Intel.

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Tags: app discovery, app stores, Mobile App Spotlight, mobile apps

Tags: app discovery, app stores, Mobile App Spotlight, mobile apps

Owen Thomas is the executive editor of VentureBeat.

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