Press the plus sign to enter split-screen mode.

(Credit: Evernote)

Starting today, Evernote's popular note-taking app for iPhone and iPod Touch will have more than a few new features and enhancements.

The design is cleaner in Evernote 4 as a whole, and changes include everything from a revamped home screen and note-taking screen to new capabilities--like removing attachments you no longer want or need and adding multiple images at a time to a note.

Notes now appear in snippet form to provide greater context for text-based or mixed-media notes. More photo real estate is also visible for picture notes as the thumbnail view gives way to a full-width slice (pictured at right).

New notes are now controlled by the plus sign navigation button, which triggers a split-screen view. You'll enter your text in the top and attach or record multimedia (up to 90 minutes of audio) and tags in the bottom. If you're browsing for something specific, added filters allow you to respectively view all the photos, attachments, or maps.

Evernote has even more plans for future iterations of its app, including shared notebooks and formatting notes within the app.

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