Anyone who''s ever launched a website knows how much trouble it can be to create a simple ścoming soonť page. Templates can be expensive, and it hardly seems worthwhile setting up a server for just a single page. Enter Capturely, a new online service that lets domain registrants create a custom ścoming soonť page in about a minute.

Users of California-based Capturely begin by entering a headline and body copy for their page, along with which analytics service they plan to use. They can then either pick a template for the site''s appearance, or they can style their page in real time with CSS. Either way, once the page goes live, it can be used not just for publicity but also to collect the email addresses of potential customers and supporters. Soon, Capturely will also make it possible to export that email list to providers like MailChimp. Using Capturely is free for up to 20 collected email addresses' after that, it''s USD 0.25 per email.

Have you registered a domain, but not yet launched your website If so, Capturely could help you out. Otherwise, it''s yet another nice illustration of one of the key principles of Marketing 101: Find an unmet need ” however niche ” address it well, and customers will follow! '-) (Related: Crowdsourced marketing ideas, 10 for $99 ” An instant storefront for any website or blog ” Custom presentation designs in 48 hours for $99.)

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