In a call with investors this morning, AT&'T executives gathered together to discuss what exactly yesterday&'s announced T-Mobile acquisition means for the company. It&'s also the first time we&'ve heard specific details on short and long-term network improvements as a result of the deal.

Most of the improvements don&'t come as a surprise, but they drive home just how important wireless spectrum will be to AT&'T for its LTE 4G network, as well as how combining 3G networks may finally fix AT&'T&'s metropolitan coverage woes.

In the short-term, AT&'T will focus on combining its 2G and 3G networks with T-Mobile. It will do so by making some cellular sites dual-band to support the carriers&' two separate 3G frequencies. This will double 3G capacity in many areas, although existing phones won&'t be able to hop between AT&'T and T-Mobile&'s frequencies. AT&'T says that T-Mobile subscribers will see all-around improved coverage. AT&'T doesn&'t plan to keep every T-Mobile cellular site working today, but it wouldn&'t discuss how many sites it plans to keep.

AT&'T will then look towards rationing wireless spectrum, which will serve to free up T-Mobile&'s AWS spectrum to use later for its LTE 4G network. AT&'T also plans to deliver devices for T-Mobile customers that will let them take advantage of its wireless frequencies.

With the added spectrum, AT&'T says it will be able to deploy LTE 4G to 95 percent of the U.S. population, with speeds faster than Verizon&'s competing LTE network.

AT&'T&'s ambitious LTE goals will take years to become fully realized. In the meanwhile, its acquisition of T-Mobile may be the fastest way for AT&'T to fix its coverage problems in New York and San Francisco.

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Tags: 3G, 4G, HSPA, LTE

Companies: AT&'T, T Mobile

Tags: 3G, 4G, HSPA, LTE

Companies: AT&'T, T Mobile

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