iTunes 10.1 is here, but the much-anticipated AirPrint feature isn&39't--and neither is iOS 4.2.

(Credit: Apple)

Earlier this week, rumor had it that iTunes 10.1 would drop on Wednesday, followed by iOS 4.2 today. As Lance Whitney reported this morning, iOS 4.2 appears to have been delayed by a Wi-Fi bug--but what happened to iTunes 10.1

It's here. I just downloaded it. You can get it yourself by heading to Apple's iTunes download page, or just clicking Help >' Check for Updates in your current version of iTunes.

As expected, version 10.1 adds support for syncing with iOS 4.2-equipped devices--though iOS 4.2 itself remains MIA. Also included in the update: AirPlay, the much-anticipated feature for streaming media from iTunes to the Apple TV and other devices.

Missing, for reasons unknown, is AirPrint, an equally anticipated feature for printing wirelessly from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to printers on your Wi-Fi network. This has led to rumors of Apple scrapping the feature, but according to a MacRumors post, no less than Steve Jobs said that's not the case.

Even so, now that iTunes 10.1 has landed, iOS 4.2 is almost certainly close behind--unless the aforementioned Wi-Fi bug has indeed forced Apple into a holding pattern. We'll have to wait and see, but my money's now on Tuesday for the 4.2 release.

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