The Halloween season my be winding down, but that doesn't mean there aren't still plenty of scary laptops out there. Of course, the vast majority of laptops we review are pretty decent examples of technology. After all, there are only a handful of common components used in most systems, and things such as speed and battery life are, if not standardized, at least largely predictable based on the list of what's inside the box.

That said, we occasionally run into a laptop that just rubs us the wrong way. Maybe it's a key missing feature, or terrible design, or an unusable touch pad--or sometimes products simply don't work as advertised. We've compiled our own list of the scariest laptops of 2010, the models that either had one or more frightening flaws, or else were just dogs.

Some of these are bargain basement budget systems, but don't think we're just picking on laptops that are cheap. We love inexpensive laptops, but not ones that cut so many corners that they're not a bargain at any price. Peruse our list below, and feel free to weigh in via the comments section with your own picks.

Laptop nightmares: Scary systems with fatal flaws (photos)
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