A view of the ultrathin Lenovo X1.

(Credit: shop.tell-it.ch/)

Documents and images purportedly from laptop maker Lenovo have turned up on several websites, detailing an upcoming ultrathin 13-inch laptop called the X1. From a listing on a Swiss reseller website and a widely distributed internal Lenovo PowerPoint presentation, we get the following list of specs, partially translated from the original German in this forum.

Intel Core i5-2520M processor (dual-core, 2.50GHz, - 3.20GHz,) Max 8GB RAM 160GB SSD 13.3" LED 1366 x 768 Corning Gorilla Glass 350 NITS Outdoor Panel Intel Integrated HD Graphics High Definition Dolby Home Theater v4 audio 3G Mobile Broadband TrackPoint, UltraNav Touch Pad + Fingerprint Reader + HD-Camera integrated Rapid Charge battery, will charge 2.5x faster than previous ThinkPad batteries, charging 80-percent in 30 minutes. 16.5mm-21.5mm thick

The Gorilla Glass screen and rapid-charging battery sound especially interesting, although the price listed on the single reseller website is in Swiss Francs and comes out to around $2,900, with an availability date of May 20. Leaks like this should always be taken as hearsay, especially when it comes to price and date (we expect any similarly configured laptop to cost about half that). Stay tuned and we'll bring any official word on the X1 if Lenovo decides to officially announce this laptop.

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