Mapquest introduced football-themed directions before Sunday's big game.

(Credit: Mapquest)

Mapquest rolled out a new feature for football fans that transforms turn-by-turn into play-by-play directions.

By selecting "Play by Play" from the Featured Sites tab on Mapquest's Web site, mundane GPS directions become strategic maneuvers to help you get from kickoff to end zone. The navigation site will also release City's Best guides for travel tips and places to watch the big game.

And if you're lucky enough to be using the Mapquest Play-by-Play directions to get to Cowboys Stadium, you may want to check the "avoid highways" option if you're in a rental car. Texas swapped toll booths for an all-electronic toll collection system. Drivers who don't have a state-issued TollTag on their vehicle's license plate will receive their toll bills by mail.

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