An animation that mocks North Korea&39's heir apparent shows him driving a sports car and mowing down impoverished women and children.

(Credit: Screenshot by Elinor Mills/CNET)

The Twitter and YouTube accounts held by the North Korean government were hijacked over the weekend and used to post messages critical of the regime and mocking North Korea leader Kim Jong-Il's heir apparent, Kim Jong-Un.

The official Twitter account for North Korea posted messages on Saturday, the day of Jong-Un's birthday, calling for an uprising and criticizing him for reportedly hosting lavish parties while North Koreans starve, Reuters reported.

Meanwhile, an animation appeared on the regime's YouTube channel the same day showing Jong-Un mowing down impoverished women and children in a sports car, the report said. The posts and video were removed but another copy of the video was still accessible.

Members of a North Korean Internet forum, DC inside, have claimed responsibility for the prank, according to reports.

The hijackings come as North and South Korea prepare to begin talks at the end of the month. Last year in November a group of South Koreans were killed on Yeonpyeong island during an exchange of artillery fire and in March a South Korean military ship was torpeadoed.

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