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With the increasing number of tech gadgets we carry around, even on hiking trips, having a reliable power source is a serious consideration. While solar-powered battery packs have been around for a while, the reliance on a consistent sunlight source is a big concern in some regions.

The pocket-size PowerTrekk Fuel Cell charger out of Sweden offers two solutions to the personal energy crisis. Besides an internal battery pack that can be charged from the mains, the device also utilizes disposable fuel cell packs. The device splits water to create hydrogen that goes through the fuel cell to create an electric current, which can be used to either power up USB-connected devices or charge the internal battery pack.

The PowerTrekk is being demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. While it's one of the first hydrogen fuel packs for phones and mobile devices to hit the market, others, like Horizon's HydroFill, operate on a similar principle.

Details on pricing and availability for the PowerTrekk are not provided at this time, as the company is still sourcing for distributors. In the meantime, see how the PowerTrekk works in the video below.

Untitled from PowerTrekk on Vimeo.

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