Apple will unveil its next model iPhone in September with a faster chip and a more advanced camera, Bloomberg said today, citing information from "people familiar with the plans."

Will the next iPhone launch in September

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Adding fuel to the latest fires about the next-generation iPhone, Bloomberg said the new phone will come equipped with an A5 processor, which Apple already added to the iPad 2 earlier in the year. Other reports have also pointed to the speedy, dual-core A5 as the chip that would power the new iPhone.

The next iPhone would also include an 8-megapixel camera, according to Bloomberg, a healthy leap from the 5-megapixel version used in the current iPhone 4.

The new iPhone will run under iOS 5, which Apple announced earlier this month at its Worldwide Developers Conference. The new OS will also be available for the iPad and iPod Touch.

The release date of the new iPhone has been a big question mark, with various reports and rumors claiming a range of time frames, anywhere from August to early next year. But Apple reportedly pushed back the launch of its next iPhone to September in order to coincide with the debut of iOS 5, according to the sources cited by Bloomberg.

The new iPhone would "closely resemble" the iPhone 4, said the sources, commenting on a topic that's been a mystery to Apple watchers.

Some reports say the new iPhone would be more of an "iPhone 4S" or an "iPhone 4 plus," a model with some improvements but no major changes from the current edition. But other reports say the next iPhone will be the iPhone 5 and sport some huge enhancements over the iPhone 4.

In addition to the traditional iPhone, Apple is reportedly working on a cheaper model geared toward developing countries, according to the sources.

Beyond the iPhone reports, Bloomberg's sources also chimed in on the next iPad, claiming that it will include a better screen resolution--about one-third higher than the screen resolution on the iPad 2--and offer a more responsive touch screen. The next iPad's screen display has been yet another area ripe for rumors, with some sources claiming that Apple will equip the device with a 2,048x1,536 Retina Display, double the resolution of the iPad 2.

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