Do you see any wires Exactly! There are none! I know what you&39're asking, &34'What Does it run on batteries or something&34' The answer&39's no, it doesn&39't. It runs on power from a wall socket. We just unplugged it for the purposes of this photo. Still, it requires no wires to connect to a laptop. So, you should still be impressed.

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So what exactly is the Samsung SyncMaster C23A750X, or Central Station, as it's also called Samsung refers to it as an "IT hub," but I think a more apt description would be "wireless monitor/docking station."

It's a standalone monitor with a number of inputs and connects wirelessly to your Windows 7 or XP laptop, allowing you to control the laptop semi-remotely (up to five feet away).

That's the best "short" description I cold come up with, but judging from the high level of enthusiasm elicited from some of my co-workers when I explained it to them, I'd say it's pretty good. Still, unless you're a user who is constantly mobile with your laptop, it's difficult to fully appreciate just how convenient, at least from a conceptual level, Central Station has the potential to make your mobile laptop life.

Unless you've dealt with the hassle and frustration of disconnecting and reconnecting cables and cords every time you leave your desk or return from a meeting, seeing the real value in Central Station can be difficult and I suspect a possible marketing challenge for Samsung.

For those of you still having a difficult time wrapping your heads around the concept, I'll lay it out more clearly.

First, connect your desktop peripherals (keyboard, mouse) via USB to the Central Station's base. Then, insert the included wireless USB dongle into your notebook's USB 2.0 port. Now, whenever your laptop comes within a 5-foot radius of the Central Station, it will connect wirelessly to all of your desktop peripherals as well as the 23-inch monitor, without the need to touch any cords or adjust any settings.

Cool concept to be sure, but does it actually work and, if so, how well Also, and maybe more importantly, is it worth the $450 dollars Samsung is asking Check out the full review to find out.

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