What could Lucasfilm be getting at with this cryptic countdown clock

(Credit: Daniel Terdiman/CNET)

"May the 4th be with you."

No, it's not someone with a lisp mouthing the famous phrase from "Star Wars." Rather, it's the tease atop a countdown on a "Star Wars" Web site that promises that "All will be revealed" tomorrow.

Indeed, at precisely 6 a.m. Pacific, it appears there will be some sort of significant unveiling in the world of "Star Wars." Word is that an e-mail went out yesterday inviting people to this countdown site--though I did not receive one, so I can't verify that myself. But beyond the cryptic countdown clock and the promise to pull back the curtain on some sort of big news, it's not clear what George Lucas and his people at Lucasfilm have in store for the millions of "Star Wars" fans out there.

One popular guess is that the news will be specific details about what will be included in the "Star Wars: The Complete Saga" Blu-ray set that will be in stores sometime in September.

But Lucasfilm is being tight-lipped, and secrecy about the reveal seems to be the whole point. If you have a thought about what the news will be, please leave a comment, and cast a vote in our poll as well.

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