Too busy waiting for Robonaut 2's big pregame appearance Sunday to keep up with all matters Crave this week Here's what went down while you were hoping NASA's humanoid bot is rooting for your team.

Move over, Snuggie. The Wrap-a-Nap&39's a combination blindfold/pillow/earmuffs.

(Credit: Wrap-a-Nap)

&149' The Verizon iPhone is here--and so are the AT&T and Verizon ads.

&149' Speaking of the iPhone 4, this is why it takes good low-light photos.

&149' What to do if you got caught up in Intel's Sandy Bridge oops.

&149' Donald's verdict following a hands-on with Honeycomb on Xoom: "I'm a fan." What about you

&149' Readers' picks for hot bargain TVs. But is now the time to buy 'em

&149' Turn your head into a cushy pillow!

&149' Another week, another iPad 2 rumor...

&149' This is what's wrong with the Mac App Store.

&149' A dancing robot can be all yours for $40.

&149' Students, meet your new battery-operated classmate.

&149' Blah blah blah blah secret base: Parody pokes fun at Call of Duty.

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