Too busy trying to pick out a sexy nerd Halloween costume that passes Matt Hickey's muster to keep up with Crave this week Here's what you missed while you were ruling out a sexed-up Optimus Prime, Captain America, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

&149' Speaking of All Hallow's Eve, mark the holiday by playing terrifying games--and avoiding scary laptop systems.

Some laptop systems just plain scare us.

&149' The Nook got colorful.

&149' Donald Bell unwrapped the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

&149' It's Android for the upcoming JooJoo.

&149' Will this device be a PSP 2 And other PSP Phone questions.

&149' This robot kills wasps--while sporting a mohawk, of course.

&149' Forget the toys, kids want iProducts for the holidays.

&149' Make "Tron" the first thing you think of when you wake up...

&149' Note to Hollywood: Multiple monitors do not a supercomputer make (and other tired movie-tech cliches).

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