(Credit: Toshiba)

Toshiba has created a portable OLED lamp for use in areas hit by the earthquake and tsunamis March 11 in northeastern Japan.

It has donated 50 OLED lamps to an evacuation shelter in the city of Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, which was hit hard by tsunami waves.

With a maximum light of 53 lumens, the lamp can be dimmed with two settings. The lowest setting is about as bright as a mobile phone display, according to Toshiba.

The device can run on four AAA batteries or a solar-powered battery that connects via a USB port. Depending on the battery and the brightness setting, it can operate for more than 20 hours per charge.

Toshiba only plans to make 100 units of the lamp, using its own OLED panels and parts from other companies. It doesn't plan to market the lamp for the time being.

(Via Nikkei)

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