Now this sounds familiar. For the past month, Nokia has apparently been in discussions with Microsoft about putting its new Windows Phone 7 software on Nokia hardware, according to an editorial by Eldar Murtazin of the Russian site Mobile-Review.

Murtazin writes that Nokia&'s new management &8212' which includes Stephen Elop, former head of Microsoft&'s business division and Nokia&'s new CEO &8212' has started talks with the software giant to increase their cooperation. Primarily, Nokia seems to be interested in putting Windows Phone 7 on its hardware, pushing it through its normal distribution channels and adding features common to its own phones.

The news points to Nokia&'s desperation to get a modern operating system on its phones while we wait for its next-generation Meego OS. Such an arrangement would also put Microsoft&'s software in the hands of many more users. Teaming up would make sense for the companies because they both consider Google a common enemy with its Android platform.

VentureBeat&'s Matthaus Krzykowski in September reported exactly the same news, and it was confirmed by multiple sources. But Nokia was quick to deny it, saying that it had no plans to add more software platforms. Given that Elop was named Nokia&'s CEO earlier in September, the notion that the phone manufacturer was getting in bed with Microsoft didn&'t seem that far-fetched.

Now after the lackluster release of Nokia&'s Symbian-powered N8 smartphone (which I was thoroughly disappointed by), it&'s becoming clearer that the company needs a stop-gap software solution before its long-delayed Meego OS is released.

Murtazin is known for his scoops in the mobile arena, so the fact that he&'s now hearing about Nokia/Microsoft talks tells me that our initial report was mostly on the money.

If Nokia is indeed going to adopt Windows Phone 7, it will have to move quickly. Word is that the company&'s Meego phones won&'t be coming until late 2011, so if Microsoft&'s software is meant to fill that release void, Nokia will need to implement Windows Phone 7 soon.

Via Unwired View

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Tags: meego, smartphones, Symbian, Windows Phone 7

Companies: Microsoft, nokia

People: Eldar Murtazin

Tags: meego, smartphones, Symbian, Windows Phone 7

Companies: Microsoft, nokia

People: Eldar Murtazin

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